No, Kitty, You Are Not From Tech Support

No, Kitty, You Are Not From Tech Support


You’ve been chipping away at a Level 79 Boss with your party, swords blazing, spells flaring, and resurrects a-firing, and at last, the gargantuan beast collapses into a large heap on the dungeon floor. Pwnage! Victory is yours! You and your party begin dividing the loot and congratulating each other for a job well done, a game well played. In the real world, you feel your CPU and are alarmed at how hot it’s gotten. You bid your party mates goodbye as you log off, switch your computer off, unplug it from the wall socket, and open the CPU casing to help it cool.

In saunters your cat, curious as to what’s happening between you and that clunky metallic box. It also notices that it’s (1) full of wires and whatsits, and (2) those wires and whatsits are becoming rather … attractive to play with. It gingerly approaches, sniffs at the CPU contents, and begins to paw at the motherboard. Aaaw, you think to yourself, is it cute, Kitty wants to play tech support.

Adorable as it may seem, this is where you will definitely want to move Kitty out of the way — better yet, out of the room — to prevent potential disasters.

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