Keep Your Kids Away from Unsuitable Content Online

Keep Your Kids Away from Unsuitable Content Online

Kids are so internet and tech savvy these days. They do a lot of things online from playing video games and researching for their homework to viewing photos and videos and chatting with friends on social media sites. In fact, they are now spending more time online than watching television.


Not surprising at all because electronic gadgets today are easily accessible to them at home and sometimes in school. But while these kids are free to surf the net at certain times, parents need to keep track of what they’re actually reading and viewing online. This is a must to ensure that the youngsters are safe and not influenced by some unpleasant information and content they can encounter while online.

Know the Stats

Studies have confirmed that majority of young people today use the internet. Among teens aged 12 to 17 in the U.S., 93 percent go online. Additionally, 97 percent of them play computer, web or console games while 27 percent play games with people they don’t know online. With regards to social networking sites, 73 percent of them have created profiles while 47 percent have uploaded photos and 14 percent have posted videos.

Among kids aged five and below, 80 percent use the internet at least once a week.

Another study has shown that children aged 8 to 18 consume about 20 percent of their video content online via their cellphones and other portable devices including iPods.

Apps Parents can Use

Amid this growing trend in internet usage among kids and teens, parents need to continuously supervise their children’s activities online. Whether they are using mobile devices or your desktop computer at home, there are ways you can do to track their internet use and the information they’re consuming.

The various apps available today are very effective hence, mom and dad should take the time to learn about them and how to use them.

Textguard is an app you can install on your child’s cell phone. To monitor incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, emails and web browsing activities, you simply log into the website. You can even block a number or any activity if you see fit. Other useful mobile apps include My Mobile Watchdog and iWonder Surf.

Apart from the apps, there is also this Skydog wi-fi router and mobile companion site that parents can utilize to monitor the internet access of their children. Skydog allows monitoring of connected devices in the home and provides information on who is online, what devices are connected, which websites are being accessed and the bandwidth usage. Notifications are sent via the PC or mobile device of the parent.

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